Aloha! From the Beautiful Garden Island of Kauai!

The Life and Adventures of Pineapple Sam is the first time that all 10 Pineapple Sam books have been brought together as a single collection - making it an incredible value.



"Thank you Pineapple Sam for taking excellent care of my clients! It is great to have found someone who will go the extra mile for our clients! I look forward to working with you again in the future." - Wendy Montoya

• Experience Hawaii Through the Eyes of a Character Like No Other – You’ll truly get a taste for the flavor and flare of life in the islands through the eyes of Pineapple Sam – a unique, one-of-a-kind character truly original.

• Incredible Variety of Stories and Settings – From fishing on the island of the Kauai, to growing up in an island paradise, picking pineapples over the summer, heading to the mainland US for the very first time, hitchhiking across the country, and ultimately becoming embroiled in the Vietnam war as a Marine.

• Witty and Humorous Take on an Adventurous Life – Even in the darkest of settings, Pineapple Sam’s incredible presence and vivaciousness shines through.

Purchase the complete anthology of The Life and Adventures of Pineapple Sam Volume I. Begin your adventures on the gorgeous shores of Kauai today, and enjoy a storyteller unlike any other

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