Pineapple Sam is the character that embodies the life and adventures of Ismael Tabalno from Hawaii. Sam grew up on the shores of Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands and later ventured outward in the world to embark on many fascinating adventures.
Pineapple Sam loved to “talk story” as they say on the islands and decided to write his stories. Now many of his family, friends, and readers like you, can share in his adventures.

The protagonist, brought to life by the character of Pineapple Sam, drives the reader to explore his own narrative through his witty and humorous take on some of the most important events in his life. It allows each reader to take a closer look at the past generation and how the events in the past affected the current setting. Be prepared for a 100% authentic look into the mind and first-hand life of Pineapple Sam.

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Willy Children's Books by Pineapple Sam: Willy's Wild Fishing Kauai's Famous Waita: The monster tilapia that almost got away... Willy's dream and Pineapple Sam's first solo fishing trip in Kauai's famous Waita Reservoir is far more than the normal, lazy fishing adventure. Pineapple Sam and his beloved Poi dog are an inseparable duo, a boy experiencing all the heart-pounding fun that any child would want to have with their childhood furry friend. This tale is a must-read for any young person with a best friend like Willy or just to share--as all good fishing stories are!
Willy Children's Books by Pineapple Sam: My Dog Willy Speaks Doggenese A Kauai Poi dog ancient secret revealed... Pineapple Sam's first children's book is about his childhood Hawaiian Poi dog named Willy. Growing up in Hawaii's oldest sugar plantation town of Koloa, Sam luckily discovers his new best friend has a unique and secret talent. They instantly bonded and became inseparable barefoot playmates living and playing on the paradise island of Kauai. Whether chasing ocean sand crabs, Tilapia fishing in Waita reservoir, catching mountain stream bull frogs, and many other fun filled adventures, they became loyal partners for lif
The Life and Adventures of Pineapple Sam: Growing Up on the Garden Island of Kauai Volume 1 Travel back in time to the Hawaiian Islands and experience them through the eyes of a true to heart Kauai local boy. Follow Pineapple Sam as a boy, into his teens, through the war and into fatherhood. A reflection of experiences that are sure to ring true for anyone in any part of their lives. Join in the laughs, heartache and a few scares as Sam shares his life with you. If you've read even one Pineapple Sam book then you know the exciting roller coaster of emotions his witty and honest words takes you on.
Gardens of Sugar and Pineapples Pineapple Sam was only one of two children in his family born in Hawaii. His family emigrated from the Philippines to Hawaii for a better life. His mother labored long with him and they both struggled to live. This story takes you on the roller coaster of emotions that brought him into the world. He works hard and he plays hard. While his ingenuity and ability to take action is inspiring, Pineapple Sam also gets into his fair share of trouble. Teen boys are always going to find some sort of trouble to get into and Sam is no different.
Local Boy and Tourist Everyone has those stories they remember from their teen years. The ones that you gather around during the holidays or at a class reunion and wonder how in the world you didn’t get arrested, injured, or even killed. Pineapple Sam reveals the secrets behind the sacred art of island martial arts called Kajukenbo. The seriousness of teen life is mixed with a bit of comedy when it comes to romance.
Pineapple Picking Cowboy Pineapple Sam and his friends have to the luxury of deciding what types of jobs they want for the summer. Not wanting to be stuck in the hotels waiting on tourists all summer, they opt for the open range of pineapple fields. This allows them plenty of time in the sun as well as places them close to the beaches and the girls in their bikinis. Working and trying to meet girls won’t keep these guys from adventure. Exploring an old church and graveyard almost takes a turn for the worst.
Going to the Mainland In an effort to find out more about himself, Pineapple Sam leaves Kauai and heads for a trip around the US mainland like many other young men during the 1960's.The story of Going to the Mainland takes him to places he had never been and keeps him learning a little something new all along the way, such as how to ride and work on a ranch. Throughout his travels he discovers that the prejudice that he felt at home was not only there but all over the world. Pineapple Sam decides the grass is not always greener on the other side.
Kauai Hitchhikers Exploring US Tourists and honeymooners flock to Hawaii by the thousands each year. Pineapple Sam wants to travel in the other direction and find out for himself what adventures lay beyond the coast of his paradise home in Hawaii. Following his dreams, he heads for the U.S. mainland. Sam makes countless friends along the way of his eye-opening, cross-country journey, but he also learns many hard lessons.
Hawaiian Pineapple Jarhead What makes a Hawaiian-born hippie travel across the United States to join the U.S. Marine Corps? Hawaiian Pineapple Jarhead launches you on journey from enlistment to the moment Pineapple Sam leaves for Vietnam. The ride to Parris Island Marine Training Base only makes Sam doubt his decision to join the corps. The train ride and the bus trip that followed are nothing compared to Sam’s arrival at Parris Island.
Killing Peace Pineapple Sam finds himself thrust from safe and secure Marine boot camp into the jungles of Vietnam. He spends his down time wondering why the U.S. has decided to throw all those young men into a seemingly pointless conflict halfway around the world, like a big brother nosily butting into a smaller one’s business, costing lives and limbs in the process.
Killing Peace II Set amidst the Vietnam War, "Killing Peace II" is more than a story. It is a narrative of bravery and defeat; of tragedy and nostalgia, and of everything else that comes in between. The protagonist, brought to life by the character of Pineapple Sam, drives the reader to explore his own narrative through his witty and humorous take on some of the most important events in his life.
Friday the 13th Wedding A story of the other side of a daughter’s wedding. What’s a dad to do when he has it out with his youngest daughter but still receives an invitation to her wedding? The story allows you a glimpse into a newly estranged father’s thoughts and concerns about the wedding and the groom involved with his youngest daughter. View the in-depth look into a father’s pain and the way he puts it aside to be there for his daughter.Follow the emotional turmoil of the father of the bride. As the day wears on the dread becomes almost unbearable.
Hijacked Luxury Limo A life and death situation is the last thing Sam expected when he arrived at the Hotel in Chicago. The most exciting thing on his agenda for the evening is having dinner at the famous restaurant Ditka’s. Needing to kill time before his reservation, Sam is drawn into the baseball card convention being held in the hotel conference center. Anyone will appreciate the testimony to the fact that life can change at a moment’s notice. This story is a thrilling read guaranteed to help you see the opportunities awaiting you in the oddest of places
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